Velkom to Sochi

English signs of the Olympic capital… Would you understand?

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Stuffs ’round the clock

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was in a hurry. It says: Shop FOODSTUFFS. Working hours: ROUND THE CLOCK Eh? 24-hour food mart


Eh? Name of the store is Magic of Tricks. «Focus» in Russian also means hocus-pocus / trick. Where? Adler, center.


Yay! This, initially incorrect sign, was spotted to be later corrected. Kudos to the responsible ppl! :)

The throughput mode

Eh? Sign in some school (apparently), requesting visitors to display ID document because of the increased crime rate. Would you understand this text?

Bus stop sign

Eh? This one’s actually Ok, It’s a name of the bus stop («Khlebozavod»; means «bakery plant»). But I guess it may confuse a foreign visitor. In any case, this is how bus stop names are presented here — just so you know what this is :) Btw, if you have experience with traveling to non-English […]

Raid ’em!

(c) Apelsinovaya @ Eh? Don’t worry, it’s not a call for action :) A typo, I presume..

That Dali?!

(c) kos @ Eh? «Golubye Dali» (Голубые Дали) residential district. The name translates as Blue Expanses. Where? Adler district, Golubye Dali

Kall for help, please

(c) shadowsochi @ Eh? Many businesses are now required to be accessible to people with disabilities. Pharmacies now have buttons to call for a sales person (who in Russia are required (?) to have medical education). Where? Pharmacy on near the international border with Abkhazia.

Reilway what?

(c) kos @ Eh? Avia and Railway Tickets Office :) Travel agency of some sort. Where? Center of Adler district. Near Novy Vek shopping mall.

Time work

Where? Adler, gym’s working hours.