Velkom to Sochi

English signs of the Olympic capital… Would you understand?

Translate or transliterate?

(c) nordman @ Eh? Again, transliterate or translate? These two neighbors have different views on the topic. Where? Khosta district of Sochi

Drugs and games

Eh? Drag racing amusement ride, apparently. Where? Sochi

Please assure yourself

Eh? A warning to ensure you don’t forget gun in the gas tank. Nicely worded… Where? One of Sochi’s gas stations.

Machine for sell

Eh? Claw crane game machine :) Where? Sochi, amusement park

Short working day

Eh? AM / PM mix-up. «Without break and day offs» is also special… Where? Adler, center

Need some cash?

Eh? Tickets office Where? Adler, «Komsomolets» movie theater

Time work.. again

Where? Adler, sea-side boardwalk «Time work» seems to be popular here to showcase working hours. I have several store/cafe signs with common abbreviations some businesses have to publicly display, which almost everyone translates/transliterates differently. I’ll explain them here, as they are present on this sign too…

Is that a formula?

Eh? Bus stop name. «Ж/д», transliterated here as «j/d», is an abbreviation for «железнодорожный» (zheleznodorozhniy), or «railway», while Vokzal means «station». While not translating bug stop names is probably a good thing, simply transliterating such abbreviation seems silly, and can probably cause more confusion than help.

Getting ready for Olimpics

(c) caterpilly @ Eh? Olimpic typos :) Where? Adler, Olympic park

Sochi Castoms

Eh? Sochi Customs Where? Adler district, center.